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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Habitat for Humanity Oakland County is devoted to combating systemic racism, and advancing equity and inclusion for all.

Advocacy Statement

Habitat for Humanity Oakland County is committed to dismantling institutional bias and discrimination while furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion values in every aspect of our mission by bringing justice to the communities in which we work by eradicating historic and current barriers to affordable housing


Celebrating, representing and valuing the differences of those we work with and serve in communities around the world.


Creating processes and practices that ensure everyone involved gets what they need to achieve greater access and fairness in treatment and outcomes.


Committing to including the voices and needs of our diverse workforce, communities and residents to build hope and transform lives.

Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County recognizes:

Systemic barriers are, but not limited to the following;  gender, race, social class, citizenship, ability and other identities.

Oppression and discrimination in the United States has invoked an ingrained bias resulting in the reprehensible ethnic and racial disparities in the areas of, but not limited to; housing, education, incarceration, business, health and income. 

We acknowledge that these disparities are not attributed to variables such as, personal ability, or work ethic. Rather, these disproportionalities are the result of vast systemic failures. Our economic, education, and criminal justice systems have not been constructed for the success of marginalized constituents. 

Historically marginalized communities, currently oppressed and underrepresented groups are impacted disproportionately in many of the contexts of society that are considered to be the pursuit of a high quality of life. Our work seeks to provide the pathway for challenges in these pursuits to be alleviated.

By adhering to these fundamentals, we seek to be a part of change and create a better future for our children, and many more generations to come.