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Generally, participation in the Homeownership program is limited to households with total household income between 30% and 80% of the area median income (AMI)

Minimum Income – The minimum income required is 30% of the AMI for the appropriate household size.

Maximum Income – The maximum income allowed is 80% of the AMI for the appropriate household size. While Habitat Oakland’s programmatic requirements allow for the eligibility of households with income up to 80%, some of the home buyer assistance programs and other funders with whom we partner have lower income limits (typically 60% AMI). In such cases, certain home buyer assistance funds or properties may not be available to households between 60% and 80% AMI. See the chart below for specific details per household size.

Monthly Household Income Guidelines

Household Size Minimum Income 30% AMI Maximum Income 80% AMI
1 $1,375 $3,667
2 $1,571 $4,188
3 $1,767 $4,713
4 $1,963 $5,233
5 $2,121 $5,654
6 $2,279 $6,071

*Note: Income guidelines are subject to change.