Rock the Block

Rock the Block

What is Rock the Block?

Habitat Oakland County’s Rock the Block (RTB) movement combines homeowners in targeted areas, Habitat volunteers, community sponsors and home preservation projects into high-energy community revitalization events. Under the guidance of Habitat Oakland County’s construction staff, community sponsors and volunteers complete exterior home repairs and weatherization and cleanup activities such as porch staining, house/porch painting, gutter cleaning, yard clean-up and landscaping. Habitat Oakland County invites corporate and community partners to join this movement in neighborhood revitalization and work along-side existing supporters such as the City of Pontiac, Thrivent Financial, Consumers Energy, and volunteer and sponsor groups.

Habitat Oakland County hosts 2-3 Rock the Block events each year. These events involve 12 – 15 simultaneous projects taking place over a two day period in a focus neighborhood. In 2016, during our successful events in Pontiac and Southfield, we received overwhelming responses from the homeowners and their surrounding communities.

2018 Rock the Block Dates

  • May 16 & 17 in Pontiac (Ferry Farms Neighborhood)
  • June 13 & 14 in Pontiac (Unity Park Neighborhood)
  • August 1 & 2 in Southfield (Neighborhood yet to be determined)
  • September 11 & 12 in Southfield (Bonnie Acres Neighborhood)

2017 Summary

  • Our 2017 Rock the Block events were a huge success! With support from several local organizations we were able to make improvements to over 36 homes in neighborhoods in Pontiac and Southfield.
  • We brought together over 175 volunteers who put in over 1,225 hours working alongside homeowners in the community to make visible improvements to the neighborhood.
  • This program has helped low/moderate income homeowners with much needed home repairs to improve the health and safety of their surroundings. Together we have repaired many porches, cut down dangerous trees and branches, repaired cracked cement, fixed doors, repaired gutters, painted homes and much more.
  • We are proud of the impact that Rock the Block has made in 2017 and we look forward to expanding the program in 2018 to serve even more neighborhoods in our community!

Now accepting applications for home repairs!

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Homeowner Quotes

“I am so blessed to have been a part of the Habitat event. I have never been involved in something like this before and it was a wonderful eye awakening. It broadened my mind on things. I never knew that there were such wonderful people out there that just want to help others. I never thought I’d be on the receiving end of that kindness. People that I tell about the event are amazed that Habitat does projects like this. Habitat does make a difference. This project made a huge difference to me. I have never experienced such a great group of people before. Everyone and everything was positive. The event was filled with joy and friendship, there was no negativity around.”

“I am very, very thankful for the volunteers. I truly appreciate their help. One woman was so kind; she paid extra attention to detail and encouraged me to paint a small part on the steps that made a big difference! I was moved that she would take the time to point this extra detail out to me and help me get it done. This wasn’t even her house, and she cared just like it was! It was like working alongside longtime friends and family. We had such a great time. We listened to music, we laughed and we enjoyed each other’s company.”