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Grace’s Story

Grace bought her Habitat home in 2001 after her children were grown. Throughout the years, the house served as a steady, safe place for many members of Grace’s family, including herself, her adult children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

During the 20 years living in her home, Grace and her family had many happy moments, but also endured several hardships, including some personal family struggles and income changes. With some help from the Habitat University Foreclosure Prevention program, Grace persevered through all of these obstacles. She continued to work closely with our Habitat Financial Counselor even up until her passing a few years ago. After Grace passed away, her children showed that her strength endured through them. They fought to keep their mother’s home in the family by taking over the mortgage payments and doing so with their own limited income. Continuing to work with our HUD Certified Financial Counselor, the family was recently able to pay off the mortgage completely!

We are honored to call Grace’s family a part of our own Habitat Oakland Family. Congratulations to all of you on this enormous accomplishment!