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Albertine’s Story

As a single mother with two children, Albertine desperately wanted to provide a stable home for her family.  She faced many obstacles that hindered her from creating the life she wanted. Like many single mothers, it was difficult for her to find decent and affordable housing. Unfortunately, many rental properties are unfit due to a lack of inspection and careless upkeep. Children suffer greatly from these unsafe conditions since they are more susceptible to common problems like mold, lead, and structural issues.

Albertine grew tired of enduring the many difficulties of renting. Desperate for change, she was committed to owning a home (read this article to get more info about it) by age 40.  The young mother remained dedicated to her goal and the pieces began to fall into place. She applied to become a Habitat homeowner and was overcome with joy when she was accepted into the program.  “It was a great feeling. I cried for two days! It was truly a blessing”.  As the building process began Albertine noted, “It was so much fun when we started building the home, and everyone helping us made it even more fun!”  

Albertine and her family moved into their Habitat Home in 2001.

Even though she was excited for this new beginning, Albertine was anxious about the challenges of maintaining her new home. She quickly learned that she was not alone on this path. Her friends at Habitat Oakland would be there to guide and encourage her every step of the way. She explained, “Even through my multiple hip surgeries, they stuck with me. They worked with me and never turned their back on me. That’s what I loved most about the process. I just feel truly, truly blessed.”

Today, because of her hard work, Albertine’s mortgage is completely paid off. Albertine is proud of her accomplishments. Her home represents her dedication and resilience.  She expressed with gratitude “It’s my home and I thank God for it.”