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Construction Opportunities

Construction Opportunities

To feel fully prepared for your day at one of our construction sites, please review the documents and videos below:

With Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County (HFHOC), you have the opportunity to build in your community.  Because of the help of people like you, whole neighborhoods improve and completely transform. Through this transformation, families achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life. 

Habitat Oakland County homes are built primarily by volunteers. Our volunteer build days are typically Monday through Friday and couple Saturdays a month, from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. We build year-round, rain, snow or shine.

For your day on site, please come prepared with closed toed shoes with hard soles and appropriate layered clothing for the weather. Please do not wear any dangling jewelry or sweatshirts with long draw strings, as they are a safety hazard. Please bring a lunch. You’re welcome to bring a chair and other personal belongings with you for your comfort, but please label them and keep an eye on your belongings.

With volunteers like you, we can build a world where everyone has a place to call home!

We do have age restrictions on our construction sites for safety reasons. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old in order to participate in general construction. Ages 14 through 17 years old may only participate in tasks that are exclusively landscaping and painting. While they may be on site, they are not allowed to use power tools until they turn 18 years old. 

Due to budget constraints, we aren’t able to provide meals for our volunteers, so it’s always a treat when we are able to find an amazing volunteer who will do so!

Our Breakfast Hospitality volunteers bring breakfast to the site. Our Lunch Hospitality volunteers provide a lunch meal on site. Each meal should include any serving utensils needed, cutlery and paper products. The meal can be anything you choose. We’ve had cold meals (sandwiches/subs, salads) and we’ve had hot meals (hot dogs, hamburgers, chili, pizza, lasagna). Some volunteers bring tablecloths and centerpieces for a nice presentation and serve the food, and others drop it off for the volunteers with a quick hello. Our volunteers, and our staff, appreciate everything so the selections are completely up to you.